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Reflections of the Mole
A Mole’s-eye view of Reality TV’s smartest show!

How does a retired military admiral become the undercover agent in the best reality TV show ever?  Bill McDaniel's hilarious and moving book tells the mole...er, whole story!

"Perfecting the fine art of spreading innocent havoc and generally confusing the issue - that is a Mole’s job! That was….my job! I had somehow managed, after a lifetime of honorable work and 32 years of service in our magnificent Navy, to become a competitor on one of the premier reality shows on television. Not only had I become a competitor, but I had been chosen to play the role of the spoiler, destined to make the other players’ lives hell for 13 weeks of television! The Navy, I might add, did not prepare me for this role......"

Mole in training, 18 months old

The Mole Book Reviews and Interviews

12/20/07 - Whidbey News Times - Doctor plays a mole, but only on TV.
Interview with John Anthony from The Fray 102.5

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John Wayne noted in a movie, "Life is tough, but it's tougher if you're stupid!"  I've never really needed any other philosophy than that.  Just try to keep from being stupid very often and things seem to fall in place eventually!  And, earn your way; nothing just "happens."  You have to lay the groundwork...i.e., put in the hours, sweat, and effort...to reap the rewards!  Once earned, however, start reaping those rewards when you can; don't keep putting them off.  I have been incredibly lucky during my life to have had the privilege of doing many diverse and fun things...32 years in the Navy, my wrestling all over the world, my involvement in the Olympics as a physician, hiking the Appalachian Trail, sailing the Pacific, working the Banda Aceh, Indonesia, tsunami, and having an incredible wife and family to share these experiences with.  Perhaps one of the oddest things I have ever had the extreme pleasure of doing was being "The Mole" on ABC.  Superficial?  Maybe.  But, more fun and opening more horizons than you can ever imagine.  I found suddenly that I have some common ground with lots of 12 year olds out there, and young adults (and old adults) that I would never have had without "The Mole."  I have a peer group of 20 some year olds whom I value extremely.  This book tells about the entire process...plus lots of other stuff that I have had fun doing in my life.  I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed doing it all!   -   Bill McDaniel

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