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The Making of The Mole

Bribs and his mother

Heather, Katie, Dorothy, and Myra...too much bubbly?

Elavia, Bribs, Katie, Bill, Al, Heather, Darwin, Dorothy...only 8 left

Katie and her Dad

Anderson made us lose! With help from Darwin, Lisa, Rob, and Katie

Elavia, looking suitably mysterious, writes in her journal

Al and his sister

The first morning. Anderson said, "Don't lean back!"

3 down, 10 to go! I was staying in the background.

Enter....if you dare.

St. Moritz

"Anderson, did you say execution?"

Wine again tonight!

Al, Katie, Darwin, and Bribs defend Dorothy. (Dorothy wasn't given a sword.)

His Lordship, Anderson!

A train load of foolish looking folks travel across Switzerland.

Bill, Al, Heather, Dorothy, and Bribs. We were lousy sellers.

A somber meal; must have been an execution that night.

Dorothy, in a delightful and unscrutable moment!

Fun and games in Anderson's Fun House.

Rob, contemplative till the end. The best Christopher Walken ever!

Anderson goes into battle without battle dress.

Elavia, the likely Mole, is missing.

Milling about smartly; hurry up and wait!

Kathryn (Mole I) and Anderson; they could smile!

Someone had a crooked camera.

Myra, Patrick (looking chilly), Elavia, Rob, Heather, Darwin, and Al strut their stuff.

Rob has an attraction for the birds.

Heather, a Texas beauty!

Katie smiled most of the time; a great spirit!

Climbing home isn't bad; it's the swim that gets you.

We continue to lean forward.

Motorcycles only, please.

Patrick, Bill, Lisa, Elavia, Al, Bribs, Katie, Dorothy, Rob, Heather, Myra, Darwin

Dorothy...getting ready to do some mental gymnastics!

Bribs...looking pensive.


First look at each other, and at Anderson.

Surely these aren't Americans! Brits, maybe? Please?

Great place to relax!

Al couldn't keep that pulse down!

Lisa left, leaving us 11 souls!

Yep, camera's crooked, sure enough.

The heating bills are atrocious.

Trusting each other? Nah, never happen.

Appropriate formal dress for an Assistant US Attorney!

Our modest little home away from home.

Bill, clearly feeling guilty.

Rob, again practicing slight of hand; did he go home with all the money?

McDonald's never looked so good! Awaiting opening. Not pasta, please!

Darwin with his wife

The beauties and the beasties

6 down, 6 to go!

Our last moment of trust in each other.

The climb down wasn't so bad, but back up?

Heather making meticulous notes; I got her journal later. Thanks, Heather!

Anderson accidently slipped; I was really trying to catch him.

Headed out for an afternoon swim.

The final 3; before Heather got so mad at me!

Obviously a crooked sky.

Execution coming; goodbye, Darwin!

The faux Mole looks...molish.

Bribs checking out his wardrobe.

Running for the train.

Katie and the infamous Meadow Muffin.

Katie showing off her green thumb.

A haunted castle; clearly chosen by Anderson.

Stylishly dressed in black for formal occasions.

A mole, a cow, a rabbit, and a lady of the evening.

A homing pidgeon; Elavia followed it.

A river too far.

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